Kindergarten's Good Deeds Celebrated Through Lent Activity

A celebration of student’s good deeds during Lent is taking place in the kindergarten classroom at St. Mary Catholic School in Mount Forest.

A Lent activity, Good Deed Beads encourage kindergarten students to focus on what they can do for others, increasing empathy and providing a sense of joy.

“Our class is interested in being helpful and loves to share their good deeds with a teacher.  They often shared, ‘I helped zip up her backpack!’ We were looking for a Lent activity for our class and saw this idea on the website Catholic Icing.  We thought they would be a good way for students to focus on the intrinsic satisfaction of doing something for another person plus a good fine motor activity for our class to do,” shared Christine Ditner, kindergarten teacher at St. Mary – Mount Forest.

Given to students, the Good Deed Beads are a visual reminder to focus on being kind and empathetic during Lent.

“​Our students were excited to make Good Deed Beads and anxious to take their beads home.  They were curious about how to use them,” shared Jessica Tremaine, the classroom’s Early Childhood Educator.

The Good Deed Beads are just one activity within the kindergarten program that helps to create a sense of belonging and contributing to the world around them.

​“As children progress through the Kindergarten program, they develop a positive self-image,” said Ms. Tremaine.

Developing a positive self-image is essential for students moving through the kindergarten program at St. Mary, which is grounded on four frames of learning – belonging, engagement, expression, and well-being. Beyond those, enrolling children in kindergarten allows for students to socialize and interact with each other.

“They learn to share, take turns, tools to solve problems on their own, independence to dress themselves for outside, self-regulation skills like how to calm their bodies when they are angry, or upset or frustrated,” shared Ms. Ditner. “During this time Kindergarten classrooms offer a safe and emotionally secure environment with a predictable and consistent routine and schedule.”

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