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The first Roman Catholic School was established in the village of Mount Forest in 1867 during the pastorate of Rev. Father Maheut on the present site of St. Mary’s Rectory on Queen Street. The modern five room school was built in 1953 under the direction of Father T. Doyle. Later additional space was provided for Kindergarten classes on the upper floor of the auditorium, and another addition to the school provided extra rooms in 1983. Extensive renovations to St. Mary School have just been completed in 2004; these include a new parking lot, a welcoming foyer and administrative offices; new classrooms from grades JK - 3, as well as a modern Science Lab and library. Attendance has grown from 100 pupils in 1952 to the present enrollment of 251in 2005.

In 1908, the first Sisters came to St. Mary’s to staff the school. From 1932 to 1943 lay teachers were employed by the local Separate School board. The Sisters returned to Mount Forest in 1943 and remained until 1978. Lay teachers were added to the staff during the 60’s and 70’s to augment the teaching staff. The shortage of religious teachers was felt as early as the 1950’s, partly due to an increase in the number of Separate Schools in the diocese. St. Mary School has kept its close ties to the parish. The school celebrates Mass each Friday morning and Father Farwell enjoys nurturing the students through First Communion, Reconciliation and Confirmation preparation.


Mission statement
St. Mary Catholic School promotes the mission of Jesus Christ through love, compassion, service, dedication and discipline by recognizing that each individual is unique and capable.

We are committed to promoting excellence in Catholic Education. Our mission is to support Catholicity within the school, family, church, and community by helping each child to achieve his/her full spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and emotional potential.